Sunday, June 25, 2017
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Advertise on Cable TV

Think about all the people who sit down to watch Monday Night Football. Do you want your business to be advertised to all of those people every Monday?

We can help you use the sight, sound, emotion and excitement of television to your advantage. The reasons you watch a game or a show are the reasons why you should advertise on TV. Other people get excited about it too!

Advertising on 6 Lawrence can offer you:

Variety of Programming

  • Cable offers commercial breaks in unique, high-quality programming from national, regional and local sources.
  • 80% of live sporting events are on cable TV

Better Targeting

  • Cable delivers a broad reach across a wide range of demographic categories, allowing you to target your customers more precisely.
  • Cable allows you to insert your message into specific programs that match the lifestyle and interests of your target audience.
  • Cable is local; you can reach individuals living in your area, those most likely to be your customers.

Better Demographics

  • Cable subscribers tend to have more disposable income than non-cable households.
  • Because cable subscribers have more disposable income, they may be better targets for your products and services.
  • Cable subscribers statistically have a higher education level, which drives their consumer choices.

Local Sponsorship

  • Take advantage of the impact of the impact of a manufacturer’s national campaign by running a local schedule for your company.
  • Cable offers you a wide variety of local sponsorship and community involvement opportunities.
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Local, Affordable Production

We offer full service production that caters to a wide range of budgets. We have an award-winning production staff that works with you to produce response-oriented television spots and online ads that powerfully convey your brand message and drive the traffic you desire.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advertising options?

  • We offers advertising on over 60 cable networks and thousands of websites including social media.

I’m a small business, isn’t it expensive to advertise?

  • Advertising options are available for every budget. Attracting customers to your business always has an expense attached. From your signage to your stock to your location. Advertising is an investment that will allow you to maximize your business potential by maximizing the flow of potential customers.

Why advertise on cable?

  • Television is still the biggest megaphone for reaching the widest group of customers because television commercials can evoke emotion with sight and sound.

Can I advertise on the latest hit show?

  • Absolutely! See our insertable networks here

What are reach and frequency?

  • Reach is the number or percent of different homes or people exposed at least once to an advertising schedule over a specific period of time. Reach, then excludes duplication. Frequency is the number of times the average household or person is exposed to the content among those persons reached in the specific period of time.

What are impressions?

  • Impressions are the number of times your content is displayed.

How do I know where to advertise?

  • Our knowledgeable ad executives will work with you to identify an advertising goal that will work for your business, and tailor an advertising plan to fit those needs.

What type of advertising message should I convey?

  • Your message should be one that is aimed to reach your advertising goals.

How long does it make to produce a commercial?

  • Production for a commercial takes approximately five days. Pre-production planning can be accomplished in as short as a few days to a few weeks.
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