Tuesday, July 25, 2017
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Sheriff’s Department Reads At Lawrence Library

Today closes the book for story time with the Douglas Country Sheriff’s Department where all week officers have been reading to kids at the public library.

Sergeant Kristen Channel was just one of many officers to participate in story time this week.

“This week our deputy and corrections officers have come for just about every story hour and spend the hour reading a couple books to each group of kids,” said Channel.

The Sheriff’s Department wants to make kids feel comfortable around officers.

“One of the hopes is that when kids see us, they won’t be quite so afraid of us, it can be intimidating see us in uniform,” said Channel.

Parent Sommer Austin brought her daughter to familiarize her with police.

“We get to see the police officers in a different way it makes them approachable, more human, I don’t know, it makes it feel like a community,” said Austin.

Austin attends the story times regularly and enjoyed having the special guests.

“We come every week, several times a week, but having the police officers here makes it more special,” said Austin.

In addition to the educational benefits. Sergeant channel genuinely enjoys spending time with the children.

“First off, it’s a lot of fun. We really enjoy the opportunity to get the chance to connect with the community that’s maybe different than our everyday job,” said Channel.

Sergeant channel picked books to teach kids safety tips and then made crafts about the books she read.

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