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Local Skate Shop Is Closing Its Doors

In 2005 Rod Smith opened up a skate shop called ‘White Chocolate’. Due to lack of business, he will be closing his doors.

Skateboarder Mason Johnson comes in from Ottawa to skate and purchase gear from local store, ‘White Chocolate’.

Skaters could find whatever they needed from skateboards to clothing.

But after discovering the skate shop is closing at the end of the month, mason says it will be harder for him to get new equipment.

“Now kids are going to have to go to Kansas City and all that to get what they need,” said Mason.

White Chocolate owner Rod Smith says this community has kept him going for the past twelve years.

“There is a pretty solid, pretty large skate boarding community I mean like everything from college age or older,” said Smith.

Being in Lawrence for 12 years, Smith has been able to watch his customers grow.

“Individuals who are now like in their twenties with kids who are actively skateboarding or getting back into skateboarding,” said Smith.

Despite the news of closing, Smith says he wouldn’t change a thing.

“I think if I had to do it all over again, I would do it the same way,” said Smith.

As for Mason, He wishes for more local shops like ‘white chocolate’ instead of big companies.

“More companies are starting to get bigger and you don’t really see like the underground skate shops that kids used to go to, you know,” said Mason.

White Chocolate’s last day is Saturday May 27th and Rod is inviting everyone to enjoy a barbeque and skate in his parking lot Friday the 28th.

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