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Community members share concerns about local transportation

Whether you bike, walk, or drive, getting from point A to point B is a big part of our lives.

Jessica Mortinger, with the Metropolitan Planning Organization, joined other community members at the League of Women Voter’s meeting on transportation.

It’s this month’s ‘hot topic’

She spoke to the group about transportation and their concerns.

“We can start to make a goal and vision statement based on what the community has told us is important in terms of what they would like to see in the community.”

Some of the topics discussed were pedestrian and bike safety, the need for more transit hubs, and the need for sidewalk repairs.

It’s a discussion League of Women Voters co-president, Marlene Merrill says is long overdue.

“The last league of transportation was done in 1971 and so we need to bring that up to the present time.

Using a survey officials were able to see how satisfied community members were with the current transportation system and use that information to come up with proposed projects and solutions the city may face over the next few years.

Officials and community members also discussed how much these proposed projects could cost tax payers.

The city commission will soon determine the level of sales tax collections will go towards funding transit services and transportation infrastructure.

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