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63 year-old missing man found

Joe Warbington disappeared from the small town of Tonganoxie sometime during the day of May 9th.

Tonganoxie Chief of Police, Jeff Brandau, said the 63 year-old’s family members reported this was not the first time he has left without anyone kowing his whereabouts.

“They’ve loaned him the car on a number of occasions and he’d be gone for a week at time”, said Brandau in a phone interview.

As the family’s concern grew, they reported Warbington missing, where the police then turned to the public for help.

They shared a post on social media asking if anyone could assist with loationg the family’s loved one.

After hundreds of shares Chief Brandau said they received a response from a cousin of Warbington.

This cousin said he say the missing man in Kansas City a few days prior to the post being shared.

The police then began making phone calls, where they were able to locate Warbington.

“So the guys stated calling around to different hospitals in Kansas City, Missouri to see if we could locate him and he was located at the Kansas City Missouri Veterans Hospital”, said Brandau.

It isn’t clear how the 63 year old ended up in the hospital, but officers say they are glad to have found him safe nearly a week later.

The condition of Warbington is unknown at this time, and it is unclear if he has since returned home.

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