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Bed bugs are on the rise…here are some tips on how to get rid of them

A few weeks ago employees told 6 News about General Dynamics and their issues with bed bugs.

Employees said they were concerned about the further spreading of bed bugs outside of the workplace.

Our news team has since received new complaints that say the company sprayed for the bugs, but only in one area and they can still see them.

An exterminator said there is only one way to effectively treat bed bugs, and that’s with heat.

Exterminator Pete Haley said heat can get rid of the bed bugs fairly quickly.

“What the heat does we get the temperature up to 130 degrees and at 130 degrees all stages of bed bugs die.”

Heat from his machines usually get the job done for Haley, and he said the longer you wait the more comfortable the bugs can get.

“As the bedbug population increases, they kind of live on your things and in your things.”

Bed bugs will move from beds, bags, and in some situations hair, and these cases are on the rise.

If you spot these tiny black bugs there are some things you can do at home according to Haley.

“There’s vapors strips that we use in conjunction with some of the work that we do and the vapor it will kill the adults in a day and the babies in 2 days and the eggs in a week.

If you want to make sure the pests are gone for good, Haley reminded everyone of one important rule.

“if you get up to 130 degrees they’re dead they’ll flatten out and crystalize.”

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