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Dog sitting goes digital

One local woman combined her love of pets with a desire to earn money. For the past two years Jessica Tran has been using Rover, an app designed to connect dog owners with dog sitters.

“I first started fostering so he could be around other dogs and then I was like well rover’s a good chance for everybody to be around each other and then we could help each other not be kenneled when they leave out of town,” shared the dog sitter. “They could be in a home running around being free.”

Tran admits she got the idea to sign up for Rover from her sister who also works as a dog sitter in Texas. As the owner of two dogs herself, she wanted her home to be a place dogs and their owners were comfortable.

“I’ve been in this situation where I didn’t want my dog to be in a kennel all day. I want it to be around running, be around other dogs other people and not being locked up. When they’re in a kennel they’re so scared and in this opportunity they have a backyard. They have free range of the house,” Tran said.

Rover offers dog sitters certifications through online training that includes sessions on initial interactions and how to carefully introduce dogs to one another.

“Before they even say ‘hey we wanna stay here’, but they say we’d like to meet you before we decide. I have a glass door and I put up baby gates to make sure that they’re not attacking each other right away they can sniff each other and see each other and then we slowly transition them in.”

Tran also knows how to administer medications to animals and to answer the question most people are probably wondering, yes, Trans has experienced damage to her home from dogs who have come to stay. It hasn’t damped her desire to continue dog sitting.

“We’ve had dogs tear up things, but we took the opportunity for ourselves. We want to take care of your dog and we understand the consequences,” Tran explained.

Rover was developed in Seattle in 2011 and offers a variety of pet related services. It’s available online and through apps for Android and iPhone users.

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