Sunday, June 25, 2017

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Rep. Keith Esau announces candidacy for Kansas Secretary of State

  Kansas State Representative Keith Esau announced his candidacy today for the Office of Kansas Secretary of State (KSSOS). Esau made his announcement at the Annual Olathe Republican Party Picnic. Esau referenced recent disclosures of cyberattacks on 39 states’ voter registration systems, as well as two successful hacking incidents accessing …

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Annual Outdoor Downtown Sculpture Exhibition kicks off

The annual downtown outdoor sculpture exhibition begins today. This year’s exhibition range from the poetic to the mysterious. The art works are displayed on the streets of Downtown Lawrence and at Theatre Lawrence. It’s the 29th Annual Outdoor Downtown Sculpture Exhibition sponsored by the City Cultural Arts Commission. Porter Arneill …

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Trump signs ‘historic’ bill to transform VA

President Donald Trump has signed a bill into law designed to make it easier to fire Department of Veterans Affairs employees. Trump promised during the campaign to dismiss VA workers “who let our veterans down.” He cast Friday’s signing at a White House ceremony as fulfillment of that promise. Trump …

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KU sports sets record off the field–with GPA high

The University of Kansas may be known for setting records on the basketball court or on the field, but this year it’s the “student” in student athlete that’s getting recognition. That’s because as a whole the student athletics department earned a 3.09 GPA—the best the student athletes have seen. KU …

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